4 Types of Crypto Every New Trader Should Know

Are you interested in trading cryptocurrencies?

If so, you’re probably wondering what types of crypto are best for traders. As a trader, your main focus is to swap one valuable cryptocurrency for another. In some cases, you’ll also want the option to trade cryptocurrency for fiat currencies.

But what are the types of cryptocurrency that you should most focus on as a new trader? Which are most accessible cryptocurrencies for new traders?

Here’s what you should consider:


You might have never thought about whether you should buy Algorand but it’s likely one of the best investments for new traders. Algorand helps you create financial products on the blockchain.

As one can expect, there’s an abundance of opportunities in this field. Algorand offers innovators a chance to create digital products that offer greater financial freedom to the masses.

Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash

There’s some skepticism toward Bitcoin due to its major crash in the first quarter of 2022. However, this offers great opportunities to first-time traders who’ve been eager to buy Bitcoin.

Bitcoin remains the best cryptocurrency for building fiat wealth and opting out of the fiat system altogether! As a result, you must consider buying Bitcoin to trade for fiat or sell for other cryptocurrencies.

You should also consider trading your altcoins for Bitcoin whenever you can. The more Bitcoin you own, the more prepared you’ll be for the changing global financial system.

As a newcomer, make sure you also hold a small amount of Bitcoin Cash. This is a fork from the original Bitcoin and trades at a much lower price. It’s a much easier investment for new traders.

Stable Coins

The final type of crypto for new traders to consider are stable coins. These are cryptocurrencies such as USDT that are tied to a fiat currency.

While cryptocurrencies are a threat to fiat currencies, the latter still have their place in the global financial system. As a result, you might want to own stable coins to “hold” different fiat currencies without having to hold piles of cash.

You want to always consider holding USDT as the US Dollar is the world’s biggest reserve currency. One can expect that more stable coins will emerge and if so, you want to choose ones that are tied to stable fiat currencies.

For example, apart from the US Dollar you should consider British Pounds, the Euro, Swiss Francs, and Gulf currencies. If you find stable coins that are pegged to these currencies you want to own them.

Those Are the Types of Crypto For New Traders

Now you know the types of crypto for new traders and can determine which is the best solution for your needs.

Algorand presents a new opportunity for new traders. It’s a cryptocurrency that helps create new financial products on the blockchain. It’ll likely take off within the coming months.

Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash are crucial for all new traders. These are the best alternatives to the fiat system. But, you also must hold onto stable coins to hang onto valuable fiat currencies.

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