3 Fun Ways You Can Pair Smoked Sausage

Summer is fast approaching! That means pools are opening, and summer outdoor parties are about to be in full swing. Looking for hot ideas that will keep your guests satisfied?

Like the weather, the charcuterie board trend is only getting hotter! Since you’re going to be standing by the grill anyway, why not try a smoked sausage charcuterie board? Keep reading on to learn three ways to up your smoking sausage pairing game!


You can’t just have a board full of meat. Well, you could, but we recommend adding some variety with a few different sides for your guests! You may think of nuts and dried fruits when you think of charcuterie, but why not switch things up and have some warm sides?

Here are a few warm side dish ideas:

  • Mac & Cheese Balls
  • Corn on the Cob
  • Cheese Fondue
  • The Potato Family
    • French Fries
    • Tater Tots
    • Mashed Potatoes

Let’s not leave out cold side dishes completely though! Try some of these…

  • Veggie Sticks
  • Coleslaw
  • Cheeses
  • Olives
  • The Potato Family
    • Potato Chips
    • Potato Salad

Get creative with your placement, using cute ramekins or even bowls for some of the items that need more containment than others. Just because it’s not exactly finger food, doesn’t mean it can’t apply!


Who doesn’t love a good dipping sauce? Ketchup with french fries, ranch with chicken tenders, and, of course, mustard with sausage. They are classics!

Mustards pair extraordinarily well with sausage because the acid of the mustard highly compliments the saltiness of the sausage. Here are just a few:

  • Yellow
  • Spicy Brown
  • Dijon
  • Whole Grain
  • Beer

You cannot go wrong with any one of those mustards, but, let’s not forget, that this category is dipping sauces, not just mustards. Anyone who is a fan of spice may love a creamy horseradish dip or a spicy hot buffalo sauce, while those who have more of a sweet tooth, may enjoy a sweet and sour chutney.

Whatever sauce you choose, keep in mind there are many types of smoked meats, and you want them to pair well. While some charcuteries use cured meats, there’s no rule that says you can’t use sausages straight from the grill. Click for more sausage options!

Perform a test run of your smoked sausages and sauces to see how they taste together before you serve your guests.

Wine & Beer

There are full tours you can take tasting and pairing wines with cheeses, but pairs don’t just stop there. There is a full range of sausages, wines, and beers that combine perfectly with one another.

A spicy Italian Sausage, for instance, would go well with a low alcohol red wine. The low alcohol will keep the heat of the sausage in its rightful place instead of growing.

If beer is your drink of choice, a Porter would pair nicely with the spicy Italian Sausage instead. The Porter’s sweet and never bitter flavor will work with the sausage instead of against it.

A general rule of thumb for wines is this. The acidity of a dry white wine, like a Riesling, can cut right through the heartiness of the meat while handling the acidity of the condiments. Acidic red wines, like a Dolcetto, have a higher acidity which will stand up better against the acidity of your condiments as well.

For beers, it’s very simple. A heavy beer pairs with heavy food, while light beers pair with light food. So, if you’re serving turkey sausage vs pork sausage, you might want to try a Kona Light.

Enjoy Your Smoked Sausage

Whatever you decide to pair with your smoked sausage charcuterie, we know you’ll have a great time putting it together! For more foodie information like this one, check out our other posts!