Top Reasons Why Las Vegas is Overrated

Top Reasons Why Las Vegas is Overrated

Las Vegas, Nevada, has a reputation that precedes it due to the hype created in movies and on television. People have preconceived notions about what to expect in Las Vegas, and many leave the city disappointed. However, they still rate the visit and worth it, albeit not living up to their expectations. Here are some reasons why Las Vegas is overrated:


A trip to Las Vegas will put travelers back a lot of money, especially if they intend to stay and gamble at its famous Strip. While seeing it is an integral part of any visit to the city, being there might be well beyond a visitor’s budget. Indeed, many Michiganders would argue that they can have more fun with zero expense by playing at online casinos in Michigan.

There are hotels and casinos off the Strip that offer lower prices. However, with the savings come a perceived sacrifice of quality service and eateries. Nothing these establishments offer quite compares with the Strip.

Other activities

Many people choose to visit other gambling destinations for their vacation as these places offer more to do outside of their casinos. A trip to Mexico lets travelers gamble and soak up some fun in the sun, staying at resorts that offer many more activities than Las Vegas does.

People traveling to Vegas should understand that the principal activity they can participate in there is gambling. The city offers several attractions outside of its casinos, but they cannot compare to sipping cocktails at sunset on the beach. Regardless of how tourism authorities paint Vegas, it is a city in a desert with not much do around it.


While many travelers set off to have fun in Las Vegas, some find themselves on the wrong side of the law. Crime statistics indicate that visitors to Las Vegas should remain vigilant on the Strip as it is a crime hotspot, with theft being common. Even a heavy police presence does little to prevent these crimes. Many rowdy intoxicated Las Vegas visitors make a nuisance of themselves by misbehaving, leading to an encounter with local law enforcement. Despite what they might think, what happens in Vegas does not always stay in Vegas.

A study of Vegas’s history indicates that it was built by organized crime syndicates. Despite the city’s efforts to rebrand itself, organized crime remains a problem that law enforcement attempts to counter.