The power of food: How nutrition can influence medication outcomes

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Many people don’t know that certain foods should not be eaten while taking some medications. On the other hand, some medications can affect your appetite and alter the way your body absorbs food. This complex interaction between medication and food highlights the importance of informed guidance, especially when seeking to find a CRO in France that can offer specialized insights into these interactions.

The kind of food you eat can stop your medication from working effectively. No wonder it’s always good to ask your physician what food you should eat when taking medications for certain ailments. Read and learn how nutrition can affect your health, and the essential role of accurate information in managing your medication and dietary choices.

Food and medication interactions to avoid

When you are taking some medication, you need to avoid some food. Below are some of the food and medication interactions to avoid.

Antibiotics and dairy food

Some antibiotics interact with dairy food. For instance, dairy foods like milk, yogurt, or cheese may not be good when you are taking antibiotics. Most often, it is advised not to eat dairy food at least two hours before taking an antibiotic. Also, after taking the antibiotics, avoid any dairy food for six hours.

Calcium channel blocker and grapefruit

Calcium channel blockers are medications used in patients who have high blood pressure. However, studies have shown that calcium channel blockers and grapefruit interact. Grapefruit contains a compound known as CYP3A4. Drinking too much grapefruit inhibits this enzyme and makes the drug accumulate in your system. Avoid grapefruit if you are taking any high blood pressure medication.

Medications and coconut water

Natural coconut water reduces the efficiency of most medications. Drinking coconut water while taking certain medications is not advisable. Sometimes, coconut water while taking a medication that lowers blood pressure may cause it to become extremely low. When your blood pressure is too low, it could lead to death.

Medication and alcohol

Alcohol is not a friend to most medications. No matter how effective the medication is, avoid alcohol because it reduces its efficiency. Alcohol may not interact with every medication, but it is best to avoid it at all costs.


If you are suffering from ailments like diabetes, hypertension, high blood pressure, etc., always ask your physician for the food you don’t need to eat. Some interactions can lead to death; therefore, you need to be careful. Finally, reach out to your physician if you notice any symptoms after taking any medication.