Steps You Must Take If Your Dental Practice Receives A Demand Letter 

A demand letter might be a dentist’s worst nightmare. Generally, a demand letter is an initial sign that you might be in trouble, and quick action must be implemented to save your dental practice. 

However, during this stressful period, you must remain calm as every dentist needs to know what next step should be and how you should react. Even the most experienced dentist can receive a demand letter, but the vital thing is what they do next to protect their dental practice. 

Remaining calm does not mean you remain silent and take no action. So what should you do then? The best way to ensure you do not make the situation worse and take the right move is to get in touch with a Pasadena Dental Attorney as soon as possible. 

Steps you must take if your dental practice receives a demand letter. 

  • Never ignore it 

Ignoring the demand letter will only further worsen the situation legally for you. Failing to construct a proper response in exchange for the demand letter can land your dental practice in trouble. 

Most demand letters have an explanation of the matter and ask you to provide a reaction within a certain amount of time. If you fail to do so, they will take strict legal action against you, which is also mentioned in the letter. 

Most demand letters will ask for responses about what is asked in the letter from your end, and you are expected to provide your complete attention to the matter before the deadline. If you choose to ignore it, you will cause harm to your dental practice by pushing the court proceedings to a sooner date. 

Before responding, check every detail of the demand letter and show it to a dental attorney. Sometimes these demand letters are not legitimate, so you must carefully read every word before responding. 

  • Be level headed 

A demand letter is considered a way to exploit your dental practice by your employees. While this might be true in most cases, there are cases when the content in those letters is legitimate. Verify all the information in the letter before taking it lightly or even too seriously. 

Most demand letters are sent to intimidate or scare you so that you might give in. in such situations, you must think straight and keep a level head. Fix an urgent appointment with your lawyer to discuss the matter and get to the bottom. Your lawyer will advise you on the next step to save your dental practice.