Sissy Maid Training: How To Get Started

Look for a sexy costume to spice up your time in the bedroom, and we all but guarantee you’ll find at least one French maid. The fantasy of having a beautiful, sexually available woman come to clean your house has been around for centuries. Yet, in recent years, it’s intersected with the kink community.

It’s only fitting that one of the oldest fantasies in the book is a mainstay for those who want to take on a feminine sexual identity. So, if you or a loved one have explored sissification and want to learn about sissy maid training, then this guide is for you.

First Things First: What Is Sissification?

Before we dive into maid training, let’s first discuss the sissy kink. Sissification is a kink rooted in forced feminization, in which a male or nonbinary person is “forced” to assume a feminine role/pronouns in a sexual context. This often involves crossdressing, sissy hypno training, chastity equipment, and many other tools.

Not all who engage in sissy training are transgender. Nor are all transgender people interested in this kink. However, there are certain circumstances where the two can overlap on an individual basis. You can learn more about the basic kink at this sissy training blog.

What Does Sissy Maid Training Entail?

Sissy maid training, as one might expect, involves combining sissy training with maid training. Maid training entails training someone to become aroused while performing basic domestic tasks for their master or dominant partner. Should their performance displease their dominant, then the submissive partner may be punished through degradation, flogging, scratching, or other means.

This overlaps with sissy training when the submissive partner is male. A man interested in sissy maid training may wear a sexualized, frilly maid’s frock and have his body shaved to increase sensitivity and feelings of vulnerability. He may also wish to be disciplined if he acts in an unladylike manner.

Communication and Consent Are Crucial

When engaging in this kind of power-exchange roleplay, it’s crucial that you don’t forget the importance of clear, enthusiastic communication and consent.

It’s up to you and your partner to set the boundaries of your maid training. Do you wish for this to be an activity strictly for the bedroom? Or would you rather extend it to the whole house? What about public play? These rules are important to establish in advance so that you don’t cross the line into abusive or slave-like territory.

Want to Learn More About Other Kinks?

Sissy maid training combines several popular male fantasies into one. It can provide some potent fuel for your sex life when applied correctly. However, it is an intense kink that requires a lot of communication and trust. One that can cause lasting mental damage if not practiced well.

If you’re not quite ready to hop into that kind of hardcore kink play but are still curious about the kink community as a whole, then check out our blog. We update each day with more helpful and informative lifestyle articles like this one!