7 of the Best Sneakers to Buy This Year

According to research, the sneakers market was at $84.42 billion in 2020 and is projected to reach $128.11 billion by 2027. Huge market size, right?

There’s no shortage of new and trendy kicks to keep your wardrobe fresh, as the industry booms with the best sneakers every other day. The biggest names are constantly battling it against the classics-in-the-making to build collections worth stealing your attention.

Like you, the only problem that every buyer has to struggle with right now is choice. Everything looks good, but that doesn’t mean they’re all worth the hype and attention they command.

This article is here to remove the ambiguity by discussing seven of the best sneakers to buy this year.

1. The Original Achilles From Common Projects

If a clean design could be the name of a shoe, then the Common Project’s Achilles would be the best fit. These shoes come in a minimal white leather top, with gold printed serial numbers on the heels, rubber soles, and leather linings.

They’re easy to match, a perfect shoe for the summer or spring, and offer comfort that feels out of this world. As with all Common Project brands, the Achilles has maintained their reputation for quality and the urbanite feel and sight.

2. Nike Air Vapormax 97

There’s no better way to enjoy your Nike kicks than with the latest, intricate midsole Vapormax. We agree that the Air Max 97 is the favorite outline of sneakerheads globally. Yet, we dare you to try this new version, as there’s no better way to rock your style than with the Vapormax.

The Nike Air Vapormax comes in faux leather and canvas top in silver, white, and purple colors. They also make for a solid combination of a pure street look or a classy, sporty style.

This low-top model features a grosgrain pull-loop and a logo patch that matches the silver highlights throughout. Apart from the deep purple shade, the trainers come with a transparent rubber midsole to boost comfort and provide cushioning. They also have a killer brew of the 90s Nike design and the modern-day expertise to meet every style and aesthetics.

3. The Converse Chuck 70

The world has seen better versions, styles, and trends of sports shoes since the beginning, but none of even the best sneakers come close to the classy Converse Chuck Taylor shoes.

They fit into every wardrobe, come in exciting colors, and are stylish enough for everyone.

Since their introduction in 1917, these sneakers have gone through many iterations, replicated from copious fashion brands, and earned a high state in pop culture. But, the Chuck 70 remains the best sneakers in the line today.

It’s a perfect combination of the old and new and comes in a look everyone identifies with. Its raised vintage midsole offers an incredible style and higher comfort compared to the standard versions.

The colorways are perfect for every occasion and place. For example, its default cream or black make for ideal school shoes. But, the many materials, patterns, and collaborations from Tyler offer a great way to spice up things in your wardrobe.

4. A Ma Maniere x Air Jordan 3

James Whitner’s A Ma Maniere is an excellent choice for everyone looking to add new sneakers to the wardrobe. The story behind it is just as captivating as the shoe itself.

Through inspiration from the first Jordan his mom bought him, Whitner decided to create a retro of the Air Jordan. However, he decided to add some character to his creation and leave behind a story that would inspire his sneaker’s lovers and wearers.

The shoe was initially designed for women, with a white base inspired by the struggles of Black women. However, it was later created to match everyone’s style and increase sizing inclusivity.

Instead of the elephant print, A Ma Maniere features a gray suede on the toe. It also has the logo at its tongue, a pre-yellowed midsole, a satin lining for luxury, and Nike Air on the back. From the look, design, and feel, it’s easy to note that these sneakers are made for luxury and comfort.

5. The Off-White x Nike Dunk Low

The Off-White x Nike Dunk Low is an inspiration from Abloh’s brand motto and offers a great way to taste the beauty between white and black. This version comes with up to 50 colorways to choose from and a great experience of taste and creativity.

Abloh, in his motto, wanted to define the grey space between white and black as the color off-white, and from the design, he pulled it so well. The first color of his brand is marked by white, followed by pairs of varying degrees of grey that he named 2 through 49, and the last color black.

If you love your style spicy and unique, Abloh’s new shoes will take you places.

6. Vans OG Old Skool LX Suede

Do you buy shoes yearly but still feel a missing link in your wardrobe? You need a new pair of Vans to feel complete. If not for pleasure and satisfaction, the Vans OG also beats the affordability, low maintenance, and iconic style competition.

Similarly, the old Skool Vans prepares you for the summer and spring ahead and eliminates the need to buy sneakers every season. They’re highly versatile in fashion and will fit almost everything in your wardrobe.

However, a white T-shirt and jeans will kill the look if you pair them with these shoes.

Their waffle outsoles are great for a firm grip when walking on slippery ground and offer great comfort and confidence for skaters.

7. Veja V-10 Rubber

This is the year to get something that’s both good for your wardrobe and the planet. The veja womens sneakers are made from environmentally friendly materials obtained from ecological agriculture and organic farms, devoid of chemicals or pollution.

For example, Veja’s soles and rubber trims trace their origins back to the trees of the Amazonian rainforest. The shoes come at fair prices, and their all-white and moderately chunky profile make them extraordinary with every outfit in your wardrobe.

Get the Best Sneakers, Live Your Best Life

Discomfort in your shoes can quickly spread into every inch of your body, affect your productivity, and distort your mood throughout the day. Treat yourself to some of the best sneakers in the market to enjoy comfort, confidence, and self-gratitude.

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