5 Life-Changing Student Storage Hacks

It’s your first day of college, and you can’t wait to arrive at your brand new dorm and unpack all of the wonderful things you’ve brought along! You can feel the adrenaline pumping through you as you walk down the hall, take out the key, and open the door to your beautiful dorm room!

Wait. There must be some mistake. This is a closet, right?

Dorms are small, so student storage is at a premium! You’ll need to brush up on your college dorms storage hacks if you’re going to fit all of your precious belongings into your tiny new domicile. The only alternative is learning to live like a Buddhist monk.

We’ve gathered some of our most effective and efficient storage hacks to help you squeeze everything in! From renting storage units for college students to taking advantage of the walls, we have something for everyone. Keep reading before the crazy clutter takes over!

1. Rent a Storage Unit

Did you know that self-storage isn’t only for small businesses and moving boxes? Many companies offer student storage units for anyone heading home for the summer or taking a semester abroad. If you have a lot of stuff, you might even be able to find unlimited storage for students for a flat fee!

Student self storage can be helpful even if you’re staying put! If you love your couch, but it just won’t fit, keep it safe in a temperature-controlled unit! College storage units are just one way to keep your clutter contained!

2. Try Vacuum Bags

Blankets and bedding can be bulky, so many college students bring a single comforter along. They might sleep, eat, work, and… engage in extracurricular activities… on the same comforter all year long. Ew.

If you use vacuum bags, you can bring an extra blanket along without sacrificing space. Just pop your bedding into a vacuum bag, suck out the air, and toss the paper-thin package in the back of your closet!

3. Tack Things Up

You might not have a lot of square footage, but you probably have a lot of wall space. Putting up a bulletin board is a great way to clear surfaces and keep things from getting too cluttered. Tack important papers like schedules, bills, and deadlines to the corkboard, and you’ll be less likely to lose them in the fray.

4. It’s Under the Bed!

Put your bed up on risers to maximize the amount of storage space you have under your bed. If you can boost it high enough, you can fit several drawer units underneath. It’s a visually pleasing way to use space efficiently.

5. Meals on Wheels

Not everyone wants to eat at the desk where they study. Many college students bring a small table, so they have a dedicated place to eat meals in the dorms. The problem is that tables are bulky and quickly become covered in clutter.

Instead, consider using a rolling cart as a table. Keep the top clear, and use the bottom to store cups, plates, cutlery, and even grab-and-go snacks. When you aren’t using it, stick it in the closet or up against a wall.

Innovative Student Storage for Tiny Spaces

The key to successful student storage is a touch of creativity! Use all of the space that you have at your disposal in interesting and innovative ways! Your spacious, cozy room will quickly become the “place to be” – and you’ll have the room to host your gaggle of new pals!

Are you looking for more life hacks? Check out the rest of the blog for more action-packed ideas to make life easier.