Employee assessment through 360-degree feedback surveys

Consideration from all sides gives the most objective evaluation of the personnel. The 360-degree method is an effective technique for such comprehensive analysis. So, how to create a survey and apply it in practice?

The essence of the method

Most people find it difficult to assess how others perceive them objectively, and some don’tdon’t even think about it. Situations where employees do not know that their behavior causes respect or, on the contrary, irritation among colleagues is not uncommon. This alignment negatively affects the working atmosphere and productivity because internal communication is violated. The 360-degree assessment of employees helps to correct the situation. It is one of the most influential and recognized tools in the world of personnel management practice.

Individual development is the most popular goal for which a 360-degree feedback survey is organized. Feedback from the work environment allows participants to identify their strengths and weaknesses, increase their level of self-awareness, determine ways to develop their soft skills, and improve relationships in the workplace. For development purposes, 360-degree surveys can be conducted both for one participant and for groups of employees. The survey results are available to the participants, as the 360-degree feedback is organized just for them.

Tasks that the survey will help to solve

  • Plan employee training. Having identified the level of development of a person’s competencies, it will be possible to determine which courses or seminars to send him to, whether he needs a mentor within the company, etc.
  • Increase the efficiency of an employee by increasing his self-awareness. The employee can operate more effectively by learning more about their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Give the manager a realistic view of the employee. A cumulative view of the subordinate’ssubordinate’s competence will make the manager’smanager’s opinion of him more objective.

So, the 360-degree assessment is an example of how you can make a company more democratic without changing its structure.